Nathan's Chart - A daily menu planner for infants, children, and adults on feeding tubes.


Nathan's Chart is an automated menu planner for infants, children, and adults on feeding tubes.  It is named after Nathan Prante-Price, a 6 year old boy with Cockayne Syndrome.  Nathan is on a feeding tube, also called a G-tube. He was diagnosed with failure-to-thrive at 2 months of age and was admitted to the hospital for 10 days.  At the end of his stay, he was discharged with an NG tube (a feeding tube fed through his nose). He had to be on the feeding tube for 22 hours a day.  As Nathan grew, the goal was to give him more food in shorter periods of time, so he would not have to constantly remain attached to a feeding tube and pump machine.  It was a slow but continually changing process.

Nathan had many caregivers, doctors and therapists who needed to keep track of Nathan's feeding routine and to watch his weight. His mom, Karen, was constantly updating an Excel spreadsheet to adjust Nathan's feeding schedule so she could communicate changes to everyone concerned.  Although it doesn’t sound like a difficult task, it seemed overwhelming when compounded with the many other demands required to care for a newly diagnosed special needs child.  Karen began devising a plan to automate a menu planner for children on feeding tubes.

The result was Nathan's Chart, which is also a menu item on this website page.  We hope you find Nathan's Chart beneficial and simple to use.

For more information on Nathan or Cockayne Syndrome, go to the website for the Share and Care Cockayne Syndrome Network